About Us

About Us

Darren has had over 25 years experience in people management and sales, and has had training in customer service, business development and more recently HR coaching.

Having worked within both small and large businesses, he has witnessed the results of both excellent and poor people management. Over the journey he has seen that where businesses do not pay attention to their people management there will be a disconnect between management and staff, and the business suffers in productivity, staff turnover, customer relations and profitability.

In August 2009, he decided to make a difference, founding HR2You and participating in the appropriate training to become an accredited HR Coach Network member. In so doing, he was armed with tools and knowledge to assist businesses improve their HR mechanisms and ensure individuals and businesses do not incur heavy financial penalties and possible business demise due to inappropriate employment procedures.

Businesses that do pay attention to managing their staff enjoy higher satisfaction levels within their management, staff and customers which results in a healthy growing business.

We have worked with clients in a variety of industries - manufacturing, professional services, trades, engineering, not for profits - assisting them to setup systems and procedures to reduce risk in their business. We have helped them in areas such as terminating employees, recruitment and resolving issues with individual employees.

We also have a network of resources, including legal help, so that we can deal with just about any scenario that you have in your business. Our goal is to help you to create a great work environment so that you attract and retain great employees and grow your business through them.

We are looking to grow our business through new services and partnerships with businesses such as bookkeepers, accountants and associations. 

We are always keen to talk to bookkeepers, accountants and associations who want to build their business by offering HR services to their clients as well.

Along with our Small Business HR Bundle we will be launching a VIrtual HR Service in the second half of 2014 and a Virtual OHS Service towards the end of 2014.

Vision: To be the leading provider of great places to work.

Respect for Others
Do the Right Thing
Win Win Relationships
Embrace Change
Financial Return

So how can we help you today?

• Assist with your current staffing issues?
• Reduce your HR workload?
• Assist your business comply with the Fair Work Act?
• Connect management with employees?
• Simplify and systemise your people management processes?
• Improve employee productivity?

Your business and your people are unique, so your needs and circumstances require a different approach. It starts with a confidential meeting to ascertain your needs and issues.

Are you ready for some HR help?

A few nice words....

"Darren has provided me with a great program to track staff needs and my processes, I have also attended his courses at my place and found them to be fantastic value full of great information." - Russell Summers (Give Life Center)

"Darren has done great work for a number of my clients and achieved outcomes that have exceeded even my exacting standards. If anyone is looking for a consumate professional that can assist you to hire, manage or fire people the right way and who is on top of all the latest changes in HR legislation you cant go past Darren Cassidy from HR2U." - John Millar (More Profit Less Time)

"Need to hire, need to fire, then Darren is the person to talk to. Darren knows his stuff, he can help you with software and guidance on HR Compliance. I can recommend Darren very highly." - Frank Eramo (Dyno-Mech Car Care Services)

"Darren has helped me understand how to Hire employees the correct way so that if the employee does turn out to be a problem, the problem can be removed with out breaching the new employment laws. I have always found Darren's information and presence to be of the highest professional standard. I have no hesitation to recommend Darren and his HR2You process" - Carey Rudd (Online Knowledge)

Recent Posts

How to Use an OHS Policy Register

OHS compliance is not optional in Australia. You will need to have compliance tools in place such as policies, procedures, checklists, safe work methods….etc

Online OHS comes with over 60 pre-loaded documents including ohs policies and procedures. Check out more of its major features here.

But having all the documents in the world are no good if your people can’t access them 24 hours a day. That is the advantage of an in the cloud OHS system like Online OHS. Our OHS policy register keeps everything neat and tidy and easy to retrieve when you need a document most.

In this tutorial you will learn what a policy is, what is the difference between a policy and a procedure, why you need them, how to write a policy and how to build a policy using the Online OHS policy register.

Contact us today for an online demonstration of why Online OHS is right for your business.

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