DIY Recruiting Webinar – How to Attract and Recruit the People you Want!

recruitingMost, if not all, small to medium business employers start out with the dream that they will hire and employ people with the same work ethic and attitude as them. All will be rosy and there never will be any problems with their staff.

Then reality steps in.

So how do you attract and recruit the best candidates for your business? Recruitment companies are expensive and don’t understand your business like you do. So how do you set up a structure to minimise the risk of a bad hire and maximise the chances of getting the best people available?

Join us for a free webinar on attracting and recruiting the people you want.

This 30-45 minute webinar will help you set up a recruiting process and just might make the difference in your business that you’ve been looking for. There will be lots of tips and advice and you can feel free to ask questions as well.

Look forward to seeing you at our DIY recruiting webinar. For more details click here.


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