Five Top Tips for Managing Employees

Managing employees can be a difficult and tricky proposition for many employers. Dealing with all the individual personalities and trying to get them to help you grow your business (it’s why you hired them) can be tiresome. Here are five basic tips that any small to medium business employer can use to turn those great candidates into great (read: growing your business) employees!

1: Engage your staff. Employers that fail to engage their staff risk high staff turnover. Try engaging them with staff meetings, reward & recognition, training, development, performance reviews, projects and just plain talking to them. The worst thing a boss can do is take no interest in their people. Disinterest leads to unhappy staff, which leads to poor performance and staff turnover. Find out what makes them tick and what goals or ambitions they have.

2: Develop a team ethic. Everyone likes to belong to a team. So start using it your vernacular when you speak to staff. Talk about your people as your team. Draw up a set of values or goals based on your team and get everyone involved. Start staff meetings with “Hi Team!” and make sure everyone gets a word in. A simple change like that will develop an inclusive feeling around your workplace and get everyone involved in the success of the business.

3: Workplace policies. If you don’t have them, then organise an employee policies and procedures manual today. By setting guidelines for employee behaviour you do a couple of things. Firstly you are developing a harmonious workplace culture where everyone can feel on the same page in regards to how to treat each other. Also by telling employees what they can and cannot do, you reduce the chances of poor behaviour becoming an issue and if someone does get out of line you have the rules in place to discipline them.

4: Training and development. Always be looking to improve the skills and abilities of your staff. From expensive courses down to cheap magazine or email subscriptions – there is something for everyone’s budget. Some Govt funded training schemes might actually see money back in your pocket!

5: Performance Reviews. If you don’t monitor or review their performance, don’t expect them to perform. PR’s are not a chore to be done but and opportunity to open up a two way conversation between the employer and employee. It is an opportunity to connect and be both on the same page with regards to the role and where it is headed. Strangely most employees will actually respect an employer more when they implement such reviews and people management techniques. With PR’s you are taking an interest in them and their work – a big plus for any employee.

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