Online HRS

Online HRS

Most small to medium businesses in Australia cannot afford the luxury of an inhouse HR Manager. So the HR related tasks and responsibilities often fall to a senior manager, a personal assistant, an office manager or even the owner themselves.

Online HRS is easy to use and, most importantly, easy to learn! The creation of video tutorials makes it easy for anyone to use and so reduces the pressure and workload on the person responsible for HR in your business.

Managing your staff just became easier!

Reasons why you should choose Online HRS...

Video Tutorials: The value of your investment in a HR management system is determined by your use of it. The better the training, the better and easier it is to use and the more you will benefit from it. Online Compliance Systems have developed a range of video tutorials (all on You Tube) that make learning to operate Online HRS as easy as possible. Simply open up Online HRS in one browser tab and the relevant tutorial in the other and refresh your skills immediately and with ease!

Performance Review System: When you create the positions in Online HRS starter kit you effectively create position descriptions. So when you assign an employee to that position the system assigns all the KPI's and Behavioural Traits for that position to the employee which in turn are used in the online Perfomance Review System. Update the positions and you update the performance review. How easy is that?

Employee Training: Online HRS features an inbuilt induction and training system that allows you you to create and upload your own unique company training materials to assign to employees. You can test your employees on the materials by creating quizzes for them to complete. From that you can see their scores and whether they have passed or failed. One of the simplest and most effective online training systems you will ever find.

Ease of Use: Aside from the video tutorials making it easy to learn about Online HRS, the system itself is largely icon based and very easy to navigate. Documents can be retrieved with just a few clicks and the layout of the various sections are clear and easy to understand. Even without any HR experience you will find Online HRS easy and intuitive to use.

Permission Levels & Access: With Online HRS you can assign various permission levels to employees to give them various levels of access to the system. As an online (in the cloud) system your employees can access the system from anywhere with an internet connection. So even though they can login from anywhere, you can control what they do on the system.

HR Document Library: Centralise and store all of your HR documentation online and never have to worry about where to find a document or whether or not you backed it up before your internal system crashed. While Online HRS does come with customisable templates (40) you can easily paste or upload your own unique documents for easy retrieval. No more word docs scattered throughout your system.

Modulised Database: Take care of all your HR needs with a database to record all their employment details, their personal records, their signed documents, qualifications, probation dates, performance review dates and much more. All this data at your fingertips (with reporting) and online and available from any internet connection at any time of the day or night.

Affordability: Even just based on the legislated minimum wage of $589.30pw for your employees + 9% Super, Online HRS will cost around .5% of your yearly wages and super bill. Add in workcover, higher average wages and other employee costs and the investment in Online HRS becomes even wiser. The Training and Induction system alone is worth the price. Plus then there is the savings in time, the productivity increase from better managed employees and reduction in risk with compliance to workplace laws.
We can induct you into a test system so you can see for yourself how Online HRS can benefit your business and how easy it is to use.

Pricing is based on the number of staff that you pay for only what you need...

Contact us for an online demonstration today!

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Contact us today for an online demonstration of why Online OHS is right for your business.

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