Online HRS Features and Benefits

Online HRS Features and Benefits

Have you always wanted a HR management system with an easy to use training and induction module and performance review system? Have you always wanted to get the best out of your employees? Then Online HRS is the system for you!

At last there is an easy to use online HR management system that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Easy for any senior Manager to use and easy for the boss to navigate thru as well!

You can give your business all the bells and whistles of proper HR management without the cost of an in-house HR resource!

Online HRS is virtually a "How To" system for HR as well. The system naturally follows the 'HR Flow' from recruiting right through to termination so it's easy for anyone to follow and understand what to do next.

Take the time to watch this 10 minute video to view the main features of Online HRS and why it is right for your business...

Online HRS Key Features

    • Start up Wizard
    • Staff File Manager
    • Induction/Training E-Learning Module
    • Performance Review Module
    • Email Alerts for key dates
    • Daily/Weekly/Yearly Planner
    • Recruitment, Starting, Salary and Review Wizards
    • Over 40 HR Related Master Templates
    • Document Builder
    • Staff Management Report
    • Permission levels for staff
    • Upload key documents to staff profile

5 Reasons why you should use Online HRS

  1. Minimise your Risk. Businesses without the right documentation in place suffer. A simple database will ensure that you keep track of signed documents.
  2. Meet your Obligations. 75% of businesses struggle with paperwork and compliance. Online HRS will keep your processes organised. You can even edit and tailor the documents to suit you!
  3. Save time and money. Businesses who are organised save time and money in processing staff documents. Wizards take the headache out of collating forms. Automated reminders will ensure you don’t miss probation dates.
  4. Increase your hiring success rate! Staff are attracted to Businesses who have their act together. Professional colour coded documents provide a positive image about you. Easy to use Interview guides will help you ask the right questions to select the right people.
  5. Keep up to date. Reports will show you what information is missing. Using editable templates for staff planning will ensure you remember to update policies, keep staff trained and audit your documents on a regular basis. Links will help you find the information you need!

Key Benefits:

I don't know how to recruit the right people?

Using the recruiting wizard, it will select an interview guide with ready made questions, a position description format and application form in less than a minute! Just by using the documents will help build your skills as an effective interviewer.

How do I get the best out of my employees?

Online HRS has a slick online performance review management system that enables you to easily perform employee performance reviews. Identify performance problems and make better informed decisions on your employees.

What do I need to do to get new staff started?

The starting staff wizard will automatically fill in your employees employment contract and their orientation process for the first day. Not only that it automatically updates your database sends reminders to you. 5 Simple Steps and it is done.

How do I deal with problem staff?

The Online HRS system has all the documents you need including performance reviews, warning documents, and a simple HR guide to provide tips on how you could manage the process.

How do I conduct and track staff inductions and training?

Online HRS allows you to upload your own training video or slideshow and set up a training quiz as well with as many questions as you like. Track who has completed the training and see how they scored.

But I've never managed HR before?

Online HRS is easy enough for anyone to use and follow. Basically you will get an instant HR structure to for your business. Templates and forms to get you started and a process that is easy to follow.

Like what you see? Ready for an online demonstration?

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Contact us today for an online demonstration of why Online OHS is right for your business.

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