Online HRS Frequently Asked Questions

Online HRS Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of business or industries is the system best suited to?

A. Our HRS software system suits all businesses or organisations equally. Human resource documentation is all encompassing and managing documentation and information can be time consuming. Our clients come from every industry imaginable and from as small as a micro business through to large organisations. The structure and methodology within the HRS software system is licensed from the HR Coach Research Institute. Tested and validated as a human resource management process for over 10 years, it is built for Australian business practice.

Q. What benefits do I get from the Online HRS software system?

A. The exact benefits depend on your circumstances but just some include:

    • Decrease compliance costs
    • Increase productivity
    • Helps you deal with workplace authorities
    • Safeguard your image and reputationInductions for employees
    • Create policies and documents
    • Streamline processes and save time
    • Reminders on key process as a safety net
    • Assist with preparation for an external audit HRF 101 National Framework
    • Disaster recovery with all your HR data stored in the cloud


Q.What is involved in setting up the system for a business? How long will it take?

A. Within 24 hours of you signing up (and normally on the same day) you will receive your username and password details. Initially you will be required to fill out the online Starter Kit which walks you through the set up procedure to identify your key processes and review dates and responsibilities. From this the system will be ready to use straight away. From here you can begin the process of developing further and using the built in Policy Builder and Employee Database to fill in any gaps you may have. Time taken depends on the complexity and size of the organisation and how much you already have in place. At any stage during the above process we can help you out. Human resource management is not hard it just requires an allocation of some time and resources and with establishing the Online HRS system. HR2You will help you along the way to implement, manage and monitor it with you.

Q.What about updates to the system?

A. The Online HRS software system is constantly being upgraded in line with our R&D initiatives in conjunction with the HR Coach Research Institute. Current members do not pay for any upgrades. These upgrades are also seamless, being an online HRS program we schedule in a time that will not disrupt users and upgrade from our end, the next time you log in you will be alerted of any added features, no need to do anything.

Q.How is the Online HRS system different from other HR system providers?

A. Our point of difference is that we provide you with what we call the "Ultimate in Practical and Affordable HRS Systems". Our prices are based on the size of your organisation and you may pay monthly or yearly making it cost effective no matter what your situation. Also the Online HRS system is user friendly, designed to be used by non HRS personnel or by HR2You on your behalf. It tells you what to do and when to do it and tracks any changes that are made. Need help, give as a call and we offer assistance at very reasonable rates. In fact we provide an entire ongoing, customisable, updatable system for less than many of our competitors simply supply an HRS manual for, and we give you that too.

Q.What is my commitment if I sign up today?

A. As part of our pricing policy you only pay for what you have used. Sign up for a monthly commitment and you can cancel at any time. If you take advantage of our discount for 12 months in advance payment then your commitment is for 12 months. If we have undertaken consulting work however this is not refundable, which we are sure you can understand.

Q. Where is my data stored?

A. The Online HRS system is stored on a secure server backed up every 24 hours. You data is encrypted and we do not share your details with anyone.

Q.I don't have the time or know-how to set up an HRS system but I understand that I need to comply, how can you help?

A. This is a common problem. We can do it all with HR2You. Provide the system, obtain required details on your business, upload and populate the Online HRS system, set up review dates and reporting modules, advise and fill in the gaps you may have and hand back to you or continue to monitor and review. We call this our Corporate Pack. Contact HR2You to get a formal quote, it may cost less than you expect.

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