Gone are the days when HR in an organisation revolved simply around paying employees, administering benefits and keeping track of sick and personal leave. In today's world the HR team plays a significant role in the success of a company. The HR team now lead the charge in terms of recruitment, termination, talent retention, culture management, succession planning, employee training and development, policy development, organisational development and keep track of legislative changes to workplace laws.

Trying to keep up with all the day to day challenges of the new proactive role that a HR team now plays is very difficult when you are using spreadsheets and word docs. Using a HR database management system like winHR makes all your tasks so much easier to manage. It is an Australian designed, developed and support server based system with a level of functionality normally reserved for high end SAP systems - but at a fraction of their price.

Centralise Everything

Replace your spreadsheets, custom databases and scribbled notes with one single source of information.


Four integrated reporting tools within the winHR database cater for various levels of reporting sophistication. The easy to use tools are Smart Grids, Report Viewer, Report Builder and Graph Viewer and provide the majority of your reporting needs. There are already many pre-defined reports available for all aspects of HR. Reports can be exported to share information at the click of a button.


Graphs are especially useful for analysing trends and summarising performance indicators. It's easy for instance to display a graph highlighting by month in the last year a count of the hired and terminated employees by department. Copy and paste graphs into management summary reports.

Payroll Integration

winHR can integrate with almost any payroll. As payroll is often an extension of HR, it is important to ensure information can be shared easily between human resources tools and payroll applications. Employee master file, leave accruals and leave taken are the items most commonly integrated between payroll and HR. If you are an expanding company, and you need to widen the scope of your software to include more significant HR features, the winHR database can be easily plugged in, saving lots of time and money.

Some of the more popular payroll products winHR integrates with are: Arrow, Attache, CHRIS, ePayday, HR3, Micropay, MYOB, Neller, Powerpay, Payline, Pastelpay, Payglobal, Paypack, Payroll.NET, Prism, Sagepay, Spectrum, Timberline, WageEasy, WagezWindows, Winpay.


A myriad of options are available within winHR. These HR database customisations help you to setup the system exactly as required according to your needs. All options are modifiable by you, so there are no expensive consulting costs to make these changes for you. Some of the more popular customisation options include renaming of fields, specifying drop-down lists, and colouring of grids and disabled fields. There are many function-specific settings too. Cleverly designed options in the HR database mean software source code efficiencies ... and the development cost savings flow through to you, our customer.

ODBC Connectivity

If you need to link information to your own applications or to portray on an Intranet or any other need, an ODBC driver is available. If you have a requirement we can discuss the best ways to achieve this with you.


A successful HR tool reduces your workload and improves output. WinHR provides a number of workflow benefits to you to get you pro-active in your job and achieving better results.

Automatic email alerts will notify people for you via an email alert template. Send reminders about training courses, tasks or even birthday cards.

Background triggers can perform processes on your behalf. When someone is terminated their position incumbent entries are also terminated. If the termination date is a future one then the employee is considered current until the date ticks over.


WinHR is developed and supported in Australia and a help desk is available for everyday support.

Some of the winHR features include:

Employee-related Details:

    • Biographical
    • Remuneration Packaging & History
    • Leave History & Absenteeism
    • Skills & Qualifications
    • Record and track education, skills, memberships and training
    • Attach scanned documents to employee files
    • Performance management
    • Position management
    • Property Issue
    • Memberships
    • Medical & Rehabilitation
    • Training & Education
    • Recruitment & Candidates


Company-related Details:

    • Organisational Structure
    • Organisation Geography
    • Position
    • Incumbent History
    • Succession Planning
    • Skills Analysis
    • Policy & Guideline Management
    • Organisation Charting
    • Integrated Reporting
    • PDF & Mail Merge
    • Email Alerts
    • Record Level Security
    • Employee & Manager Self Service
    • ODBC Connectivity
    • Document Management

Some of the winHR Benefits:

    • Streamline all your HR related tasks
    • Reduce time spent on administrative activities
    • Improve employee satisfaction and retention
    • Timely access to information for those who need it
    • Get email alerts for important tasks
    • Have consistency of information and actions
    • Quickly view and analyse organisational and positional charts
    • Store, find and retrieve documents quickly
    • Track training and staff certifications
    • Easily manage succession planning
    • Customise reporting for management meetings
    • Meet compliancy obligations around industrial laws
    • Track planned and unplanned leave by employees
    • Centralise all your HR processes
    • Reduction in administration costs

Are you ready for a new HR management system?

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