Employee Policies and Procedures

Employee Policies and Procedures

It is a very lucky business indeed that gets by without any staff issues or problems that can cause sleepless nights for the business owner. With employees comes legal obligations and employers can be liable for the actions of their employees.

Employees come in all shapes, sizes and mindsets. A set of workplace policies set the ground rules for all employees. By inducting them and having them sign off on the policies they have agreed to certain behaviour expectations and understand the consequences of breaching them. A good set of workplace policies protects your business.

Why have us do your new Policies and Procedures Manual?

We have experience producing PnP Manuals for employers in a range of industries – associations, electrical, plumbing, engineering, hair & beauty, bookkeeping...amongst others..

You can opt for a full manual or perhaps you would prefer to invest in just a section – such as the behavioural policies.

We can also turn sections of your new manual into handbooks to leave in easy to access points in your workplace.

Other options include printed and bound copies for all staff and on-site inductions for staff into your new policies and procedures manual.

Not all of the policy examples listed below might be relevant to your business. You may need to omit some or add others in depending on the industry that you are in. Also do you have Operational Guidelines and Systems that need to be added? No problem. Document everything down and contain it in one easy to manage and update file. Protect your business and create a work environment that you and your staff can be proud of.

Why is an Employee Policies and Procedures Manual important for your business?

1: Set the parameters of employee behaviour. It lets your staff know what they can and can't do in a variety of situations. It gives them guidance in their daily interactions with other employees and ensures that all employees are on the same page.

2: Reduce risk in your business. Sexual harassment and bullying are still major workplace problems.- show that your business did all it can to educate and instruct employees on their expected behaviour.

3: Reduce staff turnover: You wouldn’t want to fire your top employee because they downloaded pornography in the office - so that's why you have an well worded policy on the subject and induct them into so they know the consequences if they do.

4: It's part of being an 'Employer of Choice'. Make your business more professional - staff tend to stay longer in businesses that have their staff management act together.

5: Reduce the chances of an unfair dismissal claim. Terminating employees is a risky action these days so you need an Employee Manual that sets out the consequences of particular behaviours and can back up your decision to terminate an employee.

These are examples of what we typically include in a policy and procedures manual...

Outline and Purpose:

Explain to your people why you have a set of documented policies and procedures.

Company Information:

Brief history of the business; Location; Contact Information; Management; Core Values; Company Vision; Social Media;

Conditions of Employment:

Commencement of Employment; Continuous Employment; Probationary Period; Location of Work; Hours of Work and Breaks; Overtime; Timesheets; Punctuality; Tasks and Responsibilities; Shift Swapping; Flexible Working Arrangements Procedure; Remuneration Policy; Salary Reviews; Reward and Recognition; Equipment; Dress Code Policy; Conflict of Interest Policy; Confidential Information Policy; Intellectual Property Policy; Employee Discounts; Friends and Family Visits in Work-time; Leave Entitlements; Termination of Employment;


Recruitment Policy; Equal Opportunity Policy; Induction and Orientation Policy; Probation Policy;

Performance and Development:

Performance Review Process; Training and Development Policy; Training Plans; Unsatisfactory Performance;


Code of Conduct; Anti-Discrimination Policy; Anti-Victimisation Policy; Anti-Bullying Policy; Anti-Harassment (Incl.Sexual) Policy; Social Media and Blogging Policy; Representing our Company; Drugs, Alcohol and Drinking Policy; Fit For Work Policy; Disciplinary Procedure; Grievance Procedure;


Electronic Resources Policy; Media Contact Policy; Motor Vehicle Policy; Mobile Devices Policy; Travel Policy; Expenses Policy;

Workplace Health and Safety:

OHS Statement; Emergency Contact Numbers; Manual Handling Policy; Injury Management and Workers Compensation Policy; First Aid Policy; Fire Procedures; Smoke Free Workplace Policy;

Top Tips for your PnP Manual:

1: Make sure you induct all your current and new staff in your Manual and all of its policies and procedures.

2: Make sure your staff sign off on the Manual to say they have read it, understand it and agree to abide by it.

3: Give the Manual to current staff to read for a week or two so that they can have an opportunity to raise any questions they might have.

4: Make sure you review your Employee Manual on a regular basis. Say at least every six months. Technology, laws and fads change on a regular basis - so your workplace policies may need to change to keep up with them.

5: Include as many of your unique business rules as possible - travel policy, dress code policy, phone policy - so that your manual fits to your business and not the other way around.

Are you ready to set standards for behaviour and performance?

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