HR Forms and Templates

HR Forms and Templates

Want to make your business look more professional to candidates and current employees?

Many things can make an employer stand out, but one sure fire way is to have professional looking documentation - application forms, interview forms, memo's, performance review docs, orientation checklists and induction checklists...etc

Professional looking forms and templates not only make you look like you have your act together, but they will make you have your act together. They will give you structure in your people management that you perhaps didn't have before. People enjoy working for an employer that has its people management act together and it leads to happier employees and a better place to work. 

We can custom make forms and templates to suit your business for any of the process of recruitment, management or termination. 

Alternatively check out our Staff Systems Software package that comes with around fifty such forms and templates that you can customise yourself.

Like to stand out from the crowd with your HR documentation?

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How to Use an OHS Policy Register

OHS compliance is not optional in Australia. You will need to have compliance tools in place such as policies, procedures, checklists, safe work methods….etc

Online OHS comes with over 60 pre-loaded documents including ohs policies and procedures. Check out more of its major features here.

But having all the documents in the world are no good if your people can’t access them 24 hours a day. That is the advantage of an in the cloud OHS system like Online OHS. Our OHS policy register keeps everything neat and tidy and easy to retrieve when you need a document most.

In this tutorial you will learn what a policy is, what is the difference between a policy and a procedure, why you need them, how to write a policy and how to build a policy using the Online OHS policy register.

Contact us today for an online demonstration of why Online OHS is right for your business.

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