Major features of the Online OHS system

online ohs cloud systemThe Online OHS management system has a raft of major features that make it an ideal in the cloud OHS solution for a wide variety of businesses.

  • Site Management feature for multiple location management
  • Permission Levels for different levels of access
  • Over 60 Pre-Loaded legal Documents (major selling point)
  • Employee Management System with Qualification and Induction Modules (major selling point)
  • Risk Management Section to help in compliance to Hazard Management
  • Action Register to show a history of your efforts
  • Incident module which generates comprehensive Graphed Reports and Statistics (major selling point)
  • Contractor Management System (major selling point)
  • Plant and Equipment, SWMS and Chemical Management Registers
  • Environmental Management
  • Checklist and Meeting Builders (major selling point)
  • Help and Support with ticketing system section

The main feature of course is that it is a cloud based management system, so that means you can access the system from anywhere with a device with an internet connection. Also if your computers are stolen, lost or destroyed in a fire – your data is safe in the cloud and there ready for you when you are ready to go again. For more details on the Online OHS system just click here.

Contact us for an online demonstration today and see why this system is right for your business.

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