OHS Management Solutions

OHS Management Solutions

OHS management is a legal obligation and not an option.

We can provide you with a demonstration and/or trial of either off two systems that will see you business become OHS compliant (AS:4801) and manage your obligations around workplace health and safety.

One system is suitable for smaller businesses with less than 50 staff and with no inhouse OHS dedicated resource, and the other system is a comprehensive system designed for medium to large businesses with the complex management needs that they entail.

Both are Australian designed, supported, with ongoing updates and a large and impressive installed base of current clients.

Online OHS

Ideal for: Companies with 5 to 70 staff

Key Features: Contractor management module; free 24/7 online training access; hassle-free setup; automatic alerts; site management module; environmental planning module; accident and incident reporting processes; multiple user access.

Key Benefits: Icon driven system making it easy to use for all staff; staff can log incidents in a few clicks; instant OHS management structure; monthly payment option; professional outlook to your staff and customers; ease of use; track sub-contractor insurances and qualifications; demonstrates your commitment to OHS when tendering for work; reduce risk to penalties.

Suits businesses that...: Have multiple sites; don’t have a dedicated OHS in-house resource; want 24/7 remote access to their OHS system; want to comply with OHS workplace laws; want to identify and reduce workplace incidents; want a safer working environment; reduce their exposure to fines, penalties and staff absenteeism through workplace injury.


Ideal for: Companies with 50 to 1000+ staff

Key Features: Includes full winHR with system; in depth incident and claims management modules; full hazard and risk management modules; full database build included in initial cost; committees and positions; internal and external auditing;

Key Benefits: Return to work management; customisable reporting on all OHS aspects; reduction in workplace risks; tracking of incidents and outcomes; analysis of injury data; ensure completion of actions in timely manner; compliance with OHS workplace laws; managers hear about and react quicker to critical events

Suits businesses that...: That has an in-house HR manager or department or in-house OHS manager; have multiple sites; require daily accurate OHS information; have complex structures; don’t have the budget for a SAP system; want to keep the system in-house; want to track incidents and reduce them; want a comprehensive integrated HR and OHS management system

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Recent Posts

How to Use an OHS Policy Register

OHS compliance is not optional in Australia. You will need to have compliance tools in place such as policies, procedures, checklists, safe work methods….etc

Online OHS comes with over 60 pre-loaded documents including ohs policies and procedures. Check out more of its major features here.

But having all the documents in the world are no good if your people can’t access them 24 hours a day. That is the advantage of an in the cloud OHS system like Online OHS. Our OHS policy register keeps everything neat and tidy and easy to retrieve when you need a document most.

In this tutorial you will learn what a policy is, what is the difference between a policy and a procedure, why you need them, how to write a policy and how to build a policy using the Online OHS policy register.

Contact us today for an online demonstration of why Online OHS is right for your business.

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