Online OHS Modules

Policy and Planning Module

    • Indentifying organisational positions
    • Allocating responsibilities
    • Developing emergency procedures
    • Developing maintenance schedules for emergency equipment and allocating responsibilities
    • The ability to upload existing organisational policies.

The focus is on developing frameworks for employees that will produce a more efficient, professional, and safer workplace.

Employee Management Module

    • Maintaining an accurate and useful employee register
    • Creation or upload and implement
    • Online Inductions (as many as you need)
    • Documenting all inductions
    • Ensuring the review process, including the system of alerts
    • Maintaining an accurate register to support the management of contractors
    • Developing and maintaining a centralised record keeping system.


The focus is on the need to keep track of all compliance procedures for each employee or contractor.

Risk Management Module

    • Building a powerful risk management process
    • Maintaining accurate registers of all hazards including chemicals, plant and equipment
    • Develop Safe Work Method Statements to cover all needs of each business
    • Identifying the specific risks and needs of sites or locations within the organsiation
    • Undertake risk assessments for hazardous substances and dangerous goods
    • Assign responsible persons for the review and assessment of risks using automatic email alerts.


The focus is on identifying potential hazards, assessing risks and implementing control measures.

Injury Management Module

    • Maintaining a detailed and accurate accident and incident register
    • Developing accident and incident reporting processes that will support the business in legal or insurance issues
    • Maintaining centralised records to enable analysis and support continuous improvement
    • Identify key areas of concern for review assessment or training needs analysis
    • The ability to upload existing organisational policies


The focus is on documenting all accidents, analysing causes and effects, indentifying areas of concern or weakness and taking remedial action to reduce risks.

Record Management Module

    • Establishing procedures for building checklists
    • Providing quick access to all registers and documents required by the business
    • Establishing the most appropriate and useful systems for reporting
    • Reporting module graphically illustrating
    • Accidents and Incidents over time: How, When, What, Why and Where


The focus is on making it easy to upload forms, develop and upload checklists, and view and print reports to assist with review, assessment and continuous improvement.

Environmental Management Module

    • Develop a comprehensive environmental register applicable to a specific business unit or project
    • Develop the businesses policies relating to environmental issues
    • Assessing environmental impacts
    • Review and improvement
    • Providing documentary evidence of the manner in which the business has been operated with the lowest environmental impact


The focus is on identifying environmental aspects of activities, products and services so that consideration can be given to options for reducing impact on the environment.

Recent Posts

How to Use an OHS Policy Register

OHS compliance is not optional in Australia. You will need to have compliance tools in place such as policies, procedures, checklists, safe work methods….etc

Online OHS comes with over 60 pre-loaded documents including ohs policies and procedures. Check out more of its major features here.

But having all the documents in the world are no good if your people can’t access them 24 hours a day. That is the advantage of an in the cloud OHS system like Online OHS. Our OHS policy register keeps everything neat and tidy and easy to retrieve when you need a document most.

In this tutorial you will learn what a policy is, what is the difference between a policy and a procedure, why you need them, how to write a policy and how to build a policy using the Online OHS policy register.

Contact us today for an online demonstration of why Online OHS is right for your business.

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