Online OHS Video Training Tutorials

Online OHS Video Training Tutorials

One of the major challenges when a company invests money in a business critical management system is the return on investment.

Will staff use it properly and often enough to justify the money? What happens when staff that know how to use it leave the company? Or when you haven't used an aspect of the system for a while and can't remember what you did?

Well, one of the great advantages of Online OHS are the sixteen (16) online tutorial videos that a user can bring up on screen 24/7 and train themselves how to use an aspect of the system.

Simply logon to the system in one window and bring up the relevant video in another window and work along with the video.

So simple and so easy to use. No waiting for someone to come out and train employees! No waiting on the phone to ask how to do something! No extra training costs for new staff! All free and all 24/7...

Introduction into the Online OHS System

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the Online OHS system and how to navigate through it’s major categories and sub-categories including how an end user only has to click 1 button to access relevant information for their site.

How to Use the Accident Section

It your legal obligation to keep a record of all accidents and incidents in the workplace. This register within the Online OHS system will allow you to identify where, when and to whom the accident relates and keep a log to meet your obligations.

How to Use the Accident Investigation Section

As part of your obligation in relation to accidents and incidents they must be investigated to be prevented from recurring. This section allows the user to identify the where, when, how, why. A full investigation will result in a recommendation within your organisation which may, for example be, modifying a piece of equipment or even replacing it, or to conduct more detailed training on safe use of equipment. All this information can be entered and stored into the system and of course a log will be kept thereby allowing you to fully discharge your compliance obligations.

How to set Review Dates and Email Alerts

The Alert section is used as part of the audit process to ensure continual improvement. It is also used to remind and advise when maintenance and training need to be reviewed, hazards or incidents have been entered into the system or any designated event or task has not been implemented or addressed by the allocated due date.

Employees Introduction to Online OHS and their Responsibilities

In this tutorial an employee will learn their responsibilities in cooperating with the employers efforts in providing a safe workplace as well as learning how to download documents and checklist from the system, how to log a hazard and an accident, and how to undertake an induction that has been set by their employer.

What to do When a New Employee Starts

In this tutorial you will learn what to do in the Online OHS system when a new employee starts. This tutorial will highlight how to enter the employee into the system, how to identify what induction needs to be assigned to the employee, how to assign the employee to the inductions using the Online OHS E-Learning module and how to introduce the Online OHS system to the employee so they know how to undertake the induction as well as obtain any documentation to perform their job safely and how to log an accident and hazard.

How To Use The Online OHS Permission Levels

In this tutorial you will learn how to set permission levels for various members of your employees. Not all employees need to see all levels of the system so it is important to set these levels and make sure they are assigned to the right sites from day one.

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Recent Posts

How to Use an OHS Policy Register

OHS compliance is not optional in Australia. You will need to have compliance tools in place such as policies, procedures, checklists, safe work methods….etc

Online OHS comes with over 60 pre-loaded documents including ohs policies and procedures. Check out more of its major features here.

But having all the documents in the world are no good if your people can’t access them 24 hours a day. That is the advantage of an in the cloud OHS system like Online OHS. Our OHS policy register keeps everything neat and tidy and easy to retrieve when you need a document most.

In this tutorial you will learn what a policy is, what is the difference between a policy and a procedure, why you need them, how to write a policy and how to build a policy using the Online OHS policy register.

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