Staff Systems Software – HR Software for Small Business

We constantly hear from small business owners that their business would be great if they didn’t have so many staff issues. Issues with employees drag down morale, productivity, profitability and in general just make life for business owners less enjoyable. Almost always the employer has no HR structure within their business to curtail issues in the first place.

This is where Staff Systems is ideal for small business owners. This inexpensive HR software provides an instant HR structure for your business. With around 50 customisable HR forms and templates and a staff database you can set yourself up for success with your staff.

Have a look through the quick overview video below and see how this HR software can transform your people management.

Contact us for a personal online demo, view our screenshot slideshow or even download a free 14 day trial copy. Once you’re happy with Staff Systems then we can arrange payment for $275 and we’ll send you the registration key.

This HR software is ideal for a range of small business employers….

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