Workplace Culture Should Start at The Top, Not in the Fridge

One of the things I try to get across to business owners and managers is how much they influence the people under them. Years ago I worked with a business owner who had had a 100% turnover in staff the previous twelve months. He had fired them all for various reasons.

After a while it became apparent that his daily mood was influencing the attitudes of the staff – a small team of six to eight at any one time. His wife also worked in the business and when they argued it lent to a not so happy office atmosphere. Both were fabulous at what they did but when it came to staff management there was a big gap (chasm really) between them and the employees.

The immediate solution was to institute a set of company core values to get everyone’s attitude aligned and working harmoniously. After months of procrastination the owner agreed to a set of values. The values were hung up around the office and the staff were inducted into them. The owner then took them down the next day. The staff turnover continued…

Business owners (and managers) need to realise early on that the company code of conduct is set by the one in charge.Their attitude, mood, performance and professionalism will influence all under them to do the same. Employers (particularly in small businesses) have an almost parent-child relationship with their staff and how they behave rubs right off on the people working for them.

In just about every survey I’ve ever seen, the top reason (usually about 70%) why an employee leaves is their relationship with their boss. Get a great boss and why would you leave a job? Sure the money and work your doing must be good, but get a supportive and helpful boss and you are set!

This quote from James Sinegal is on the money…“When employees are happy, they are your very best ambassadors.” That happiness trickles down from above. Work on creating a great and happy workplace culture and you create happy employees. And those happy employees create happy customers, and happy customers create a happy bottom line.

Set the tone and be the person you want your employees to be.

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